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Luxury Tapestries

Our homes and spaces where we socialise are now much more than places where we just eat and sleep – they should be environments that reflect who we are as individuals and bring joy every day of the year.  Hines of Oxford contributes to making beautiful homes and hospitality spaces that are inspirational to enjoy today and into the future.

Our tapestries and home accessories are created using only the finest materials and are still woven in the same region of Flanders in France and Belgium giving you the peice of mind that your investment from Hines of Oxford is not only authentic and keeping a centuries old tradition alive but is of the best quality possible.

Long Established

The Hines story started on Oxford High Street in 1830, the beginning of a long-established tradition in fine quality textiles, when Mr William Hine opened his gentlemen’s tailors and outfitters business. WP Hine & Co. soon became one of the leading outfitters in the city, supplying discerning customers with high quality clothing.

The Hine family continued the outfitting business for several generations, serving an international clientele over many decades with gentlemen’s clothing including hand-tailored bespoke and readymade suits.

The company transferred to the current family ownership in 1950, moving from the High Street in 1979 when Hines began specialising in the world’s finest woven Tapestries and home furnishings.



With extensive manufacturing facilities in multiple locations throughout the United Kingdom, Hines are able to manufacture large quantities of home furnishings from cushions, draught excluders, doorstops and many other home accessories in very short periods of time to a consistent quality.

Hines workshop manager has been running operations for over 25 years meaning that you only receive the best in class.

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