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At Hines we understand that our customers enjoy browsing physical catalogues of our products to make their selection.  For many years we have printed large quantities of high quality catalogues in order to continue to provide them to our valued clients.  In recent years as our collection has grown very rapidly it hasn't been possible to include all of our tapestry collection within a brochure.  Not everything is featured within the catalogues and some pieces are also discontinued - for the very latest collections please refer to our website wherever possible.

Tapestry Wall Hangings (C9)

This large 'coffee table book' presents over 3,000 of our tapestries over 112 gloss printed pages.  Not everything is shown within the covers of this book but it is our largest production to date with more recent pieces showing online.

Tapestry Wall Hangings (C10)

This 65 page Tapestries & Cushions catalogue was an additional brochure printed with new tapestry designs.  Also featuring a number of Cushions & Home Accessories.

Tapestry Wall Hangings (C11)

A 23 page supplement catalogue with Tapestry & Cushions printed to include more recent additions to the collection.

Tapestry Wall Hangings (WA)

A collection of contemporary woven wall hangings, this Woven Art catalogue only features tapestries of modern paintings and designs.

Tapestry Cushions (C18)

A large 192 page portrait book, this is our latest and most comprehensive Tapestry Cushions & Home Accessories catalogue to date.  Featuring cushions, stools, waste bins, draught excluders, umbrella stands and much, much more.

Oak Furniture (F3)

Our Oak Furniture catalogue is just a flavour of what we can make in our workshops.  This beautiful glossy book showcases pieces that we have in our collection that we make to order.  Most pieces can be customised to your own size and finishes.


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