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Hines Custom Case Studies

Browse through some recent case studies of custom projects completed by Hines of Oxford.

Abstract Art

At the start of 2020 Hines of Oxford were approached by a renowned British artist with the brief to create an exception tapestry from one of his oil paintings that was featured in Vogue Magazine at the time.

The custom team at Hines worked closely with the artist using our 1400 piece wool colour set to create a beautiful hand-woven tapestry wall hanging that went on to be displayed in exhibitions in London and win various accolades.

These pieces are available to order on request and can be hung as a traditional wall hanging or stretched on a frame.


Luton Hoo Hotel - Luton

Hines were approached by Luton Hoo's interior design team to replicate five pieces from the 'Emperor of China' tapestry series by bespoke hand weaving.  The original tapestries used to hang in the house at Luton Hoo but now belong to Museums in France.  Hines were briefed to design and weave as replicas the exact original tapestries from photographs and drawings in order to create the original feel in the dining rooms and entrance hall at the hotel.

Luton Hoo is an English country house and estate between the towns of Luton and Harpenden.  Beyond the magnificent facade of the Mansion House which greets guests on arrival, lies a 5 star hotel like none other in the home counties.  The pillarded halls and elegant lounges, individual period rooms, formal gardens and the award winning Wernher Restaurant create a unique ambience of gracious living which is without equal.

Tallinn Town Hall - Tallinn

When the curators at Tallinn Town Hall were tasked with organising the preservation and replication of orginal tapestries in the Hall they contacted Hines of Oxford as the specialist custom tapestry weaving company in the world.  The Hines custom weaving team then looked closely at the brief and project specification to ensure that this project was in fact achievable before starting work and signing contracts.

With over 600 years of history, this remarkable Gothic town hall is the oldest surviving in the Baltic countries and Scandinavia dating back to the 13th Century.  Built in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia, next to a marketplace, the town hall has witnessed trade and social activities for hundreds of years and has remained the most striking and iconic building in the town throughout this period.


Country House, Chiltons

Hanging in the grand entrance hall of a privately owned country home in the Chilterns hangs a superb tapestry.  The family that commissioned the tapestry wanted a 'Teniers Style' custom tapestry with recognisable family members in the tapestry.  The design is drawn as a country 'picnic' in the woods with family dressed in traditional dress of the period.

The client worked closely with Hines to ensure that the design was accurate regarding facial features.  Hours and hours of work went into the project making it one of the most intricate custom tapestry projects that Hines have completed to date from stratch.  At the focal point of the design are the couple that commissioned the tapestry themselves making the piece a true talking point with guests as they arrive at the property!

Man in the Time Machine

This tapestry is a hand-woven replica of the famous 'Man, Controller of the Universe' by Diego Rivera.  Standing at 15.75 x 37.5 feet, this epic work demands attentive viewing and is viewed by hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.  Now on display at the Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, Man, Controller of the Universe, features a worker at the center directing an enormous machine at the crossroads of the political ideologies dominating this period: capitalism (to the figure’s right) and communism (to the figure’s left).

This commission was the second to be given to Hines of Oxford by a presigious hotel to hang in their entrance lobby.  Taking over 6 months to weave this exquisite piece is destined to be admired by millions of hotel visitors to the hotel over it's lifetime.


The King's Speech

From a room in the Drapers Guild, London, this fine tapestry was first made famous in 'The King's Speech', the Oscar winning story of the stuttering sovereign.  Based on the true story of King George VI, The King's Speech drama follows King George VI who coping with a stammer proceeds to visit an Australian speech therapist for help.

During 2012, Hines of Oxford were commissioned to re-create this beautiful piece through hand-weaving for a prestigious London hotel.  The original tapestry, now hanging in the Drapers Guild, was carefully photographed with kind permission.  From these closeup photographs detailed drawings were made, yarns selected and then carefully dyed to colour match the original tapestry.

The Chelsea Tapestry

The Chelsea Tapestry was one of the most contemporary projects completed by Hines of Oxford.  Designed by a London Artist this tapestry started as a paper based collage before being woven by hand into a beautiful explosion of colour and eclectic collection of shapes.  The tapestry was commissioned by a London family.

The brief for this project was the the tapestry had to include memories and places that the family was associalted with throughout their lives in London.  You will notice famous landmarks in the tapestry such as the Albert Bridge in the bottom right hand corner and a statue of Sir Thomas More which sits outside the Chelsea Old Church today.

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