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Custom Tapestries from Hines of Oxford
We are passionate about creating beautiful tapestries that will be the antiques of tomorrow.  Whether you are interested in a piece to become a treasured family heirloom or need to us to produce a magnificent tapestry to hang as pride of place in a hotel or restaurant entrance we are waiting to help you!



Custom Project Portfolio

We are thrilled to share with you a selection of custom projects that have been sucessfully completed by Hines of Oxford.  These examples cover traditional to contemporary design over the complete range of production mediums.  We work with renowned interior designers and architects as well as film production companies and private clients.  Quite a number of our projects are covered by non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and therefore we are unable to display every case study.  Browse the Custom Portfolio now.


Custom Handweaving

One of the most traditional, and indeed popular, ways of creating a stunning bespoke tapestry is by handweaving.  This method of weaving is the centuries old way of weaving tapestry with every stitch done by hand.  A typical project will have millions of stiches and will take a few months to complete.  Find out more about Custom Handweaving.




Custom Digital Printing

The latest addition to custom tapestry methods at Hines, the ability to digitally print onto linen, cotton and a number of other materials has opened amazing opportunities for Hines clients.  Perfect for replicating an antique tapestry when removed for cleaning in a museum or public space, making striking backdrops for film productions or for making amazing upholstered furniture, digital tapestry printing is very versitile.


Custom Loom Weaving

The same tapestry looms that weave our stock collection of loom-woven tapestries, cushions and home accessories are also be used for our custom loomwoven projects.  Typical projects inlcude tapestry items for retail and fabric by the metre for curtain making for example. 

Dear Hines, it has been a great pleasure to co-operate with Hines of Oxford.  We are very satisfied with the result of the replica tapestries for the Town Hall. - Tallinn Town Hall, Tallinn, Estonia.


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