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How to Hang a Tapestry
Hanging a tapestry is a lot simpler than you may imagine.  There are various ways to hang a tapestry but we recommend a Hines Hanging Rod or Concealed Wooden Batten and in some cases the use of Velcro.  The video timelapse below shows the transformation of a wall in a client's living room.  The tapestry already hung by a Hines Hanging rod is being removed and a new larger tapestry being installed in its place with a Concealed Wooden Batten (in two parts with special hanging pins and bars in this case given its size).  Read on to find out how to hang a tapestry.




1. Prepare Location

Unwrap your Hines tapestry and hanging rod taking care to keep the hanging rod fixings to one side safely so they don’t get lost.  Decide where you would like to hang your tapestry. Most people have already decided this before purchasing from Hines but it is good to remind yourself of the location and where on the wall you want your tapestry to sit once hung. If hanging in a recess think about centring in the space. Other things to consider are how the natural daylight and artificial lighting will fall on the tapestry once hung.


2. Entend the Hanging Rod

Once you have decided on the perfect place to hang your tapestry you then need to gently pull apart both ends of the hanging rod so that it extends slightly beyond the width of the tapestry. You will need to pull it apart wide enough to leave the desired amount of black rod showing either side of the tapestry.



3. Slide Hanging Rod through the Rod Pocket

With the hanging rod now at the correct length for your tapestry you can now insert the rod into the rod pocket on the back of the tapestry. Push the rod through so that it is showing each side. If the rod pocket is too narrow to accept the finials of the rod, slide the two parts of the rod out of each other, and insert each part from either end of the rod pock, re-joining them again inside the rod pocket.


4. Mark the wall

Once you have the tapestry with the rod in the pocket you can now mark where the fixings will go for the hanging rod. Hold the tapestry with hanging rod up against the wall in the desired location and mark the hole for the screw that will go through the eye on one side of the hanging rod.



5. Drill the wall

Now you have your first mark for one side of the hanging rod you can drill and plug the hole before screwing the hanging rod (with tapestry still on the rod) to the wall.


6. Fix the other side

Now you can position the tapestry level (we recommend doing this ‘by eye’ as sometimes a spirit level can actually make the tapestry appear unlevel due to the nature of fabric). Once you are happy with the positioning you can mark where the second hole will go for the final fixing of the hanging rod.





Note: Fixing Bottom Corners

Fixing bottom corners note. 


Note: Hanging Large Tapestries

Text here about the brackets etc.


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