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Request Fabric Samples
Please order fabric samples from Hines of Oxford before purchasing fabric by the metre.  Read on to find out more.


Why order samples?

It is important that you order fabric samples prior to purchasing fabric on the roll from Hines to make sure you are totally happy with the colour and design.  It is worth noting that cut fabric lengths are not returnable once cut and despatched.


How to order

Simply add the fabric samples to your shopping bag and checkout.  You can add multiple samples to the bag before checking out if you prefer to see more than one design.  Once we receive your order we will send out it out by post to you as soon as possible.



Purchasing Fabric

Once you have received your fabric samples you can use the reference code on the sample to search for the fabric online and purchase the meterage you require. 


Matching Fabric

All our fabric is cut from the same batch and there isn't any colour discrepancy from samples to purchased fabric.


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