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Man, Controller of the Universe Tapestry


This tapestry project is one of the most detailed creations the Hines custom team have worked on to date and can be found hanging in the entrace lobby of a well renowned hotel in Paris.

From the original by Diego Rivera, this magnificant peice was woven by hand over 6 months and measures an impressive 2.4 m high by 5.5 m wide.

The Brief


Hines were asked to replicate the masterpeice by Diego Rivera now on display at the Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes.  Man, Controller of the Universe, features a worker at the center directing an enormous machine at the crossroads of the political ideologies dominating this period: capitalism (to the figure’s right) and communism (to the figure’s left).



The design of this tapestry comes from the original fresco 'Man at the crossroads' by Diego Rivera in 1934 that once hung in the lobby of 30 Rockerfella Plaza before being destroyed.  The painting showed the aspects of contemporary social and scientific culture and was originally installed as 3 panels.

Later, Diego Rivera made a smaller replica which now hangs in the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.



Taking over 6 months to complete and with x million stitches all painstakingly done by hand, this project is truly stunning in both design and proportion.  The detail opens up to reveal amazing depth as you study the intricacies of each element of the tapestry.

Working closely with the team, Hines of Oxford ensured that every detail was copied faithfully and that the elements such as faces were woven in proportion and true to the original design.

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